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Live to Ride.  Ride to Live.  3-4 or more rides per week.  
An Overhaul is a complete reconditioning of your bicycle.  During an overhaul, we completely disassemble your entire bike in detail.  We hand clean all components, re-lubricate them, reinstall them, and reassemble your bicycle.  Then we perform a complete tune-up.  An overhaul gives a dirty, well ridden bicycle a new life and greatly reduces wear and tear on all of its components.  During an overhaul, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike in the best shape in can be in for safe and reliable operation.  New loose bearings and OEM or similar brake pads included, all other parts additional charge.

Deluxe Bicycle Tune-up $89.99

Bicycle and Fitness Enthusiast, 30-40 rides per season

Adjust Brakes
Adjust Headset
Adjust Cranks and Hubs
Adjust Derailleur and Chain
True Wheels in Truing Stand (within 1mm tolerance) $40 VALUE!
Safety inspection and tightening all nuts/bolts
Replace Brake Pads (closest to OEM, some disc pads may be extra) $25 VALUE!
Inspect and air tires to recommended pressure
No charge installation of any new tubes/tires $15 
Wipe down bike (not bike wash)
Clean, Degrease, Lubricate Chain and Sprocket UP TO $40 
Clean, Degrease, Lubricate Front and Rear Der.    VALUE


Basic Bicycle Tune Up $59.99

For the recreational rider, may only ride 10-12 times per season but want a safe, trouble free ride with little or no maintenance other than maybe airing the tires occasionally. 

Adjust Brakes
Adjust Headset
Adjust Cranks and Hubs
Adjust Derailleurs and Chain
True Wheels (on bike within 3mm tolerance, truing stand extra)
Safety inspection and tightening all nuts/bolts
Inspect and air tires to recommended pressure
Wipe down bike (not bike wash)
Lubricate chain and sprocket
Lubricate front/ rear derailleurs



Prices are for labor only and are estimates only, special circumstances may exist that may require additional cost.  All parts additional. 

Tires & Wheels     Front end  
  Install Tube/Tire       Adjust Headset $10.00
  On bike $15.00     Overhaul Headset $20.00
  Off bike $9.00     Replace Headset $15.00
  Wheel Truing $25.00     Replace Handlebars $15.00
  Wheel Building $100.00     Replace Stem $15.00
  Adjust Hub- Front $15.00     Replace Grips $10.00
  Rear $20.00     Tape Handlebars $15.00
  Both $30.00     Handle Bar Switch  
  Overhaul Hub Front $30.00     Road to Upright $40.00
  Rear $40.00     Upright to Road $40.00
  Both $60.00        
Brakes       Frame and Fork  
  Replace Cables (per cable) $15.00     Check/align dropouts $50.00
  Replace Shoes (per brake) $10.00     Replace Fork $45.00
  Brake Adj (per brake/cable) $10.00     Steel Frame Alignment/Repair $60.00
  Disc Brake Adj(per brake) $20.00     Der. Hanger Replacement/Repair $20.00
  Hyd. Brake Bleed(per brake) $30.00        
  Hyd. Disc Brake Line Repair/Replace(each) $35.00        
  Inst. and adj. new disc brakes $40.00   Other Services  
          Box Bike for shipping $75.00
Drive Train       Ship bike  $100.00
  Replace Chain $10.00     Build boxed bike geared $125.00
  highly rec. replace freewheel/Cassette add'l  $10.00       Yth/non geared $90.00
  Adjust bottom bracket $20.00     Install rear rack $15.00
  Replace bottom bracket $25.00     Install fenders (ea frt/rear) $15.00
  Adj. front or rear derailleur $12.00     Install/set up cyclocomputer $15.00
  Replace front or rear der. $24.00     Install kickstand $8.00
  Install new shifters/der. $35.00     Install barends $15.00
  Replace shift cable(ea. cable) $10.00     Install bottle cage $5.00
  Der. Hanger Replacement/Repair $20.00     Install Training Wheels $20.00
  Remove or install pedals $10.00