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Are you sick of that stinky odor that comes with playing hockey or from figure skates?  Do people ask, "What is that?" or shrivel their nose when they get in your car?  Are you embarrassed to have company in your basement because that is where your kids air out their bag?

More importantly, are you or your kid getting a rash from their equipment?  Do you know about CA-MRSA?  Is the flu going around your locker room?  The smell is bad, but this is much worse and way more serious.
THEY ARE ONE IN THE SAME...Kill the Bacteria.

One 16 minute cycle in the Sani Sport will kill 97-99% of the bacteria that causes both the smell and the sickness.


60 Minutes

This is big stuff and very important so we have one more link for you to check out:

Click on the Sani Sport logo for the results of the testing that was done on equipment that was treated in the Sani Sport Machine.  Check out other pages in the site to see all the teams using this machine including 26 NHL teams, 12 NFL teams, and the USA Hockey National Development Team. 


By now I bet you have some questions:

How much does it cost?

$25 for a full bag of equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, glove, jock/pelvic protector, hockey pants, shin pads, and skates).  

$10 for 1 item

$35 for Goalie Equipment.


How long does it take?

The cycle is 16 minutes, then a little more for loading and unloading the machine.  Goalie stuff runs for 2 cycles and takes about 35 minutes.

Does my stuff get wet?

No, this uses ozone gas to kill all the bad stuff so there is no dry time after the equipment is cleaned. 

Anything else to know?

The manufacturer recommends cleaning equipment 2-3 times per season.  The sanitizing is most effective when the equipment is dry, so, I know you are in season, but get it as dry as possible before you bring it in.

Will my stuff look shiny and new after wards?

No, rather than using water which would take days to dry (which we all know you don't have during the season), this will sanitize your equipment with ozone gas and kill the bacteria and viruses that cause the smell and infections.