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Our History


Strauss Skates and Bicycles has been family owned and serving the St. Paul community since 1887.  We are the oldest skate shop, and very likely sporting goods store, in the country.

John Strauss, 1919

John Strauss beginning to make a Figure Blade, 1919

John Strauss and Jr. in 1920

Inside the store in 1925

John Strauss in Front of the Store on 16 W 3rd St. in downtown St. Paul, 1925

Strauss Family and Friends in 1932 outside the St. Paul Hippodrome. The little boy in the front is Don, a current owner of Strauss Skates and Bicycles. Many of you have grown up with him sharpening your skates. Don is a grandson of John Strauss Sr.

Shop front in 1938 at 165 Kellogg in downtown St. Paul.

John Strauss in 1939

John Strauss and Jr, 1939

John Strauss with a customer in 1939

John Strauss Jr. sharpening a blade in 1940

Interior of Strauss when it moved to its current location, 1970.