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You know us for skate fitting. You know us for exceptional service. You know how handy our service shop guys are. You know us for the best selection of products locally.

Now you can trust us to help clean out your garage and add some extra storage to your home!!

You’ve been able to see the sheds and barns for a couple years now and yes WE ARE YOUR METRO DEALER FOR OLD HICKORY BUILDINGS. Stop in and ask any questions you have and let us best help you select what you need!


Right Fit
Getting the right storage building is important. We won't just sell you what we have on the lot: It is our priority to find or build the storage building that fits you and your needs perfectly. We have available lofted barns, barns, utility sheds, economy barns and utility sheds, and garages all in either painted or treated wood or metal.  We offer many options and features.

We have a whole  page dedicated to Old Hickory Buildings Sheds, you can go there and find all kinds of tips and helpful advice to find the perfect shed for you.

Read what other people are saying about their Old Hickory Buildings Shed here.

You can also download the Old Hickory Buildings catalog by clicking on the image directly below.



                    8X12 Lofted Barn with Urethane Siding                                                                                  10X16 Utility Shed w/ Playhouse Package

Selection and Quality
We offer the highest quality buildings in an extremely wide selection of storage buildings from lofted bards and sheds to

garages and playhouses in an array of sizes and colors.  Our craftsmanship and materials cannot be beat.


                              12X24 Utility Shed w/ Garage Package                                                                        12X20 Side Lofted Barn w/ Side Porch Package

Dedicated and Experienced Staff
We have a core group of long-time employees who are passionate about serving your needs. That means that

when you visit us, you'll see familiar faces that remember you and can help you with any issues.


                   12X28 Lofted Barn w/ Deluxe Playhouse Package                                                            This is an example of a loft inside of a lofted barn.

Every dollar goes into the local economy
We're a locally-owned, 5th generation family business (since 1887!) and we try to support other local businesses when making buying decisions. That means almost every dollar of your purchase will stay in the St. Paul area and be quickly recirculated. A healthy local economy is important to all of us.