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Tricycles and Adaptive Needs

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Star Tribune did an article on Jack Carlson about him helping kids with special needs. It can be found at the link below.

Jack Carlson Land of 10,000 stories, "Meet the man who gives all children a chance to ride a bike."

Jack Carlson land of 10,000 stories receives new teeth.


Standard and customized tricycles are all handled by our technician Jack Carlson. He's been at Strauss for over 30 years now and is very good at what he does. Walk-ins welcomed or if you prefer you can call ahead and schedule an appointment with him.

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Download Strauss Trikes 2018 Brochure Outside





Jack Carlson works on tricycles for families who have a child with adaptive needs and are not able to ride normal bikes. It is very heart warming to see a kid with such a huge smile because they are finally able to ride a bike like every other kid. So please donate if you can, you will help make a child very happy.