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Bauer Youth Supreme 190 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Youth Supreme 190 Ice Hockey Skates


Reinvigorate your game with the Bauer Supreme 190 Ice Skates. Bauer has pulled out all the stops to make these ice skates an attractive choice for the player looking to upgrade their performance. Just like the name suggests, it is a supreme choice for performance, comfort and style.Theres a lot to like about these ice skates. First, the senior and junior skates come with Tuuk LS3 Stainless Steel runners, a higher steel profile for longer sharpening life, greater angle of attack and custom profiling. The youth skates feature the Tuuk LS2 Stainless Steel runners, which have a 9-foot radius and an adjusted height for consistency. Both runners improved hardware provides optimal attachment for the Tuuk LS2 holder.