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Bauer Senior Supreme 1S Elbow Pads

Bauer Senior Supreme 1S Elbow Pads


The Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Elbow Pads are the end-all be-all in Supreme elbow pads, featuring both PowerLite and Curv composite. With its origin in-part coming from Bauer's OD1N project, PowerLite is a moldable foam perfect for creating a truly anatomical elbow cradle. With the help of the Integrated Sleeve Lock, this new technology provides one of the most comfortable and secure fits to date.

In the bicep guard, Bauer once again brings their Vent Armor Foam backed with PE inserts for lightweight, breathable protection. For the elbow cap, the key impact zone, the 1S includes both Bauer's Curv composite and PowerLite. Together, these two technologies create a more responsive and protective elbow pad. In the forearm guard, Bauer also used their Curv composite technology to raise the bar considerably for slash protection while maintaining a lightness that was once only seen in lower tier equipment.