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CCM Junior Vector Plus Hockey Pants

CCM Junior Vector Plus Hockey Pants


As a Strauss Skates exclusive model, the CCM Tacks Vector plus pants are based off of the 3092 Tacks and boast upgrades from both the 7092 Tacks and 5092 Tacks to add value, looks and protection. The Vector Plus features an embroidered CCM logo on the thigh instead of a silkscreened logo to keep the pants looking fresh and clean as seen on the 7092. As well, they mimic the Tacks gloves by adding a sublimated liner to the tailbone and inner spine areas.

As mentioned the protection has been upgraded on the Vector Plus, CCM now offers molded PE inserts and foam in the tailbone to better protect you and provide a better fit with padding closer to the body as seen on the 5092 Tacks. The hips and kidney areas offer molded PE protection for great impact dispersal and a foam lining to improve the comfort while worn. Also an upgraded molded and floating PE spine protector moves with your body as you skate to keep protection close at all times and offer high-end impact dispersion also on the 5092 Tacks.