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Bauer Senior 1X Lite Hockey Stick

Bauer Senior 1X Lite Hockey Stick


The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Stick is the lightest, most versatile and quickest releasing Vapor stick ever! Compared to the 2016 1X; the 1X Lite has an 11% faster release, 20% more hosel stability and is 20 grams lighter weighing in at 397 grams (in senior).

While Vapor has been one of the best quick-release sticks on the market, Bauer sought to make it even more versatile so it can skillfully adapt to any situation, any time. The solution is the QRT+ Technology that provides better stability through the hosel. The 1X Lite now has reinforcing asymmetrical layers of carbon through its taper that prevents it from opening up by 20% compared to the 2016 1X.

The blade of the 1X Lite is a key upgrade that speeds up the shot release, reduces weight, improves balance and increases durability. Bauer used 13% thinner carbon fiber layers and optimized the layering process, which removed 7 grams of weight from the blade and sped up the shot release by 11%.

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